Terms & Conditions


To gain access and finalise a purchase order, consumers must register themselves at www.ahikoza.com. This will allow a personalized shopping experience, and enable ahikoza to ensure the privacy and smooth payment processes for all transactions. 



Once orders finalized, a series of confirmation links will be sent to ensure price and delivery confirmations on the purchased goods.

This includes:

  • A detailed summary of the product purchased
  • Relevant price including tax, shipping,
  • Payment method/options that can utilized and the courier options available.
  • Before the purchase is finalized. Series of verification’s will have to be completed. This includes
  • Verification that all information regarding the ordered goods are correct;
  • Verification of  the payment methods;
  • Verification of the courier method;

An email detailing all the above will be sent to the consumer, to be kept on file. Before purchasing goods, you will be requested to read and to confirm that you have read the Terms and Conditions. By sending the order form, the Client agrees and accepts to comply to will send an electronic receipt of the purchase order, containing all information already that is already included in the order form.



Consumers will be charged in USD, or designated/chosen Currency dependent on which region their shipping country falls under.

In the event consumers use with payment methods not denominated in the enlisted currencies, the final price will depend on the exchange rate on the same day as the purchase order.

The purchase payment of the price of the goods and the relative delivery cost, custom duties and local tax will be paid by chosen mode of payment.

The region the website will be viewed in depends on the consumers location and IP address, or can be manually selected from the drop bar.

Any promotion code issued to you cannot be transferred onto a new order or different user. The conditions of use relating to any and all promotional codes will be user specific and applicable only at the time of issue. Ahikoza is committed to fair and transparent pricing and we are not obligated to issue any form of refund.

Once the order has been finalized, ahikoza will accept no modifications or refunds. In a case where our consumers are not satisfied with the product, they can contact us through customer care, or a representative and we would be happy to attend to your request. 



At Ahikoza, we value our consumer’s privacy. All information is kept solely for the intents and purposes of purchases within and only to ahikoza products on the website.

Once the order has been finalized, ahikoza will accept no modifications or refunds. In a case where our consumers are not satisfied with the product, they can contact us through customer care, or a representative and we would be happy to attend to your request.

Purchases will be calculated in designated/chosen currency value. 



Consumers and registered users may not in part or in whole, use any copyright, trade mark, images or ANY intellectual property from www.ahikoza.com

Unauthorized use of www.ahikoza.com ,including, but not limited to, prohibited entry, misuse or abuse of passwords or any other information is prohibited. If any breach occurs against our terms our conditions, Ahikoza reserves the rights to terminate consumer access without notice.

All celebrity images taken from third parties, are used with approval and are subject to copyright.


  • For Bepsoke services at ahikoza, payment will be taken in full at the time of purchase order.
  • Ahikoza shall aim to deliver the product within 6-8 weeks from the date of  order confirmation. 
  • The confirmation and delivery time of a purchase order is subject to the availability of materials and Ahikoza reserves the right amend the delivery time as necessary. Consumers will be well notified of any such amendments. Ahikoza prioritizes timeliness and will put full efforts in fulfilling to committed delivery date. 
  • Ahikoza shall be responsible for delivery of the purchase order, and title shall pass on ‘Bespoke’.
  • Please note that ‘Bespoke’ includes custom made value additions to the existing product range at ahikoza, with personalized choice of materials and choice of skins (depending on availability). Not edits on design aesthetic/design concept will be accepted. 
  • Once your order has been processed and finalized, due to the bespoke nature, we are unable to cancel or amend the order.
  • Fabric colors and materials may vary due to the natural scaling of exotic skins. Ahikoza cannot accept responsibility for variations in color, and texture. Slight variations may occur.
  • Once your bespoke product details have been finalized and a price committed to, a personalized promo code will be emailed to you, which you can then plug in on the checkout page, and proceed to pay/purchase your made to order item. A series of verifications and confirmation emails will ensue, so you can track the status of your custom made Ahikoza product. 



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